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Church History

Located at 16896 CR 5 between CR 34 3/4 and CR 36 about a mile northwest of Mead.


"During the period of considerably more than a half a century, we have known of and attended a large number of church dedications. But memory fails to recall a single instance in which there was not a greater or less amount of indebtedness assumed by the society, to be paid in the future or to be begged from the congregation before the sentence of dedication could be pronounced. In other words, we have never known an instance of church building where every dollar of the money necessary to cover the entire expense of the new edifice and its furnishings was not only subscribed but actually paid over to the building committee before the work was begun. But this assertion will not bear repeating. The spell has been broken by a little county society made up entirely of Highlandlake farmers, none of whom are wealthy but who have completely furnished, paid for and dedicated a $2,500 church."   ~ Longmont Ledger, April 1897'

Historic Highlandlake Church of Highlandlake, Colorado, is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.  In 2021 it will be celebrating 125 years.


The Highlandlake Church is the last remaining public building in what was once a thriving village. Built in 1896 as the Congregational Church of Highlandlake, it thrived until 1906, when the nearby Town of Mead was founded. As more people moved to Mead and started attending the two churches there, the congregation in Highlandlake dwindled until 1917 when it was determined that they no longer had enough members to pay a pastor or manage the upkeep of the building. With heavy hearts, the church was closed and eventually in 1921, the parsonage was sold at auction.

Once the church doors were closed, concern was raised that since the building was no longer owned by a legal entity, that it could be torn down or simply allowed to disintegrate. The solution lay with the Denver Congregational Association. The building was sold to them for $1.00 with the following stipulations:

  1. The Highlandlake Community must form a board of directors to oversee, protect, and maintain the building.

  2. The building could only be used for purposes that were in agreement with Congregational Church practices.

  3. The building needed to be opened to the public at least once a year.

  4. The agreement further stipulated that the Denver Congregational Association could not sell or destroy the building without the full consent of the Highlandlake Church Board of Directors.

About our Venue

Located on the shores of beautiful Highland Lake, the Historic Highlandlake church building is the last remaining public building left in the once thriving hamlet of Highlandlake, Colorado. After six years of hard work and fund-raising, we are proud to say that our efforts to save this valuable piece of Colorado history is now complete (as of spring 2008).

Carefully restored to the National Park Standards, our building is almost completely original to 1896, and features strikingly beautiful stained glass windows, a working bell (yes you can ring it!), original furnishings, and a magnificent view of Highland Lake and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. When you enter the building itself, you immediately experience a sense of returning to a simpler time. This powerful, historical ambiance is what attracts people time and time again to celebrate the important occasions in their lives.

Some acceptable uses for our building are: weddings, reunions, special programs, acoustic concerts, community events/programs, funerals (no charge, but damage deposit does apply), craft/quilt shows, and other such activities. Picnic areas are available on the north and east sides of the building. Off street parking is available for up to 30 vehicles. Building capacity is about 100 adults plus children.


Use of building: $750.00 per event which includes usage of the church and external facilities. Whenever possible, we try to give you three days: the first day is so you can set up, decorate, and have your rehearsal; the second day is for your event; and the third day for cleanup. Occasionally, we have events booked close together and we may not always be able to allow you a full three days.

A $500.00 damage deposit in a separate check is required at least two weeks before your event. This will be returned if there are no problems and the building and grounds are left clean and undamaged.

For funerals we ask for a minimum $300 donation.

Your donation includes a handicap port-a-potty and the ability to run an electrical cord to next door for electricity to run a small appliance or microphone, etc.

For more information on availability, or to reserve the church for your event, please call our our Building Manager, Jane Sprouse at:  970-978-6069 or email her at:

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