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The Highlandlake Pioneer Cemetery 


In early 1883, several residents of the rapidly growing hamlet of Highlandlake, formed the Highlandlake Cemetery Association. Within weeks they purchased one and a half acres of high ground west of the lake from C. A. Pound. This parcel also included an older family burial ground dating to 1878. The cemetery association dissolved in 1906. However, sporadic burials continued until the late 1940's. 

Descendants of L. C. Mead kept the records safe, adding to them as best they could. In the late 1990's, a great grandson of L. C. Mead obtained the cemetery deed from Weld County. In 2001, he donated the land to Historic Highlandlake Church, Inc. (HHCI).  Several years later, the Mead/Jensen family donated all of the remaining cemetery records, including the original plot maps, cemetery record book, secretary minutes, transcripts, pictures and various records. 


Today, HHCI maintains the Historic Highlandlake Pioneer Cemetery with the help of volunteers and a growing perpetual maintenance fund. 


Burials at the Historic Highlandlake Pioneer Cemetery are restricted to those who have lived in the area at least 20 years within a 2 mile radius of the cemetery and/or a direct descendant of someone already buried at the cemetery. 

For additional information please contact our secretary Court Stout at: 970-585-1047 or email at for available gravesites, questions and volunteer opportunities.​

Mark Angus achieved the Highest Honor of Eagle Scout by installing a Flag Pole and designing and creating a beautiful flower planter near the entrance to Highlandlake Pioneer Cemetery.  This feature is a warm and wonderful entrance to the Pioneer Cemetery.  Thanks Mark for all your efforts and excellent work. 

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